I'm Muhammad Azizul Haque! I completed my M.A. in English from Jagannath University. I have been working as a  lecturer in English at Shaheed Police Smrity College since 2009.I have also been working as a writer in Ghangriha Prokashoni (Nobodoot Book) since 2013. 

I want to benefit the students I work with as much as possible, therefore welcome any resources or suggestions students or parents can provide.  I am easy to reach and will always provide fast responses. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or to schedule a lesson!

Muhammad Azizul Haque

Lecturer in English

:       Muhammad Azizul Haque

:       Teaching

:       142,North Ibrahimpur, Kafrul, Dhaka-1206

:       M.A.in English

:       JU

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